Archive Collection

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Start your collection of Aesthetica with a selection of our most recent issues. Discover the latest developments in architecture, fashion and design, and engage with new photographic talent. Each issue features practitioners pushing the boundaries of visual arts whilst covering global exhibitions and releases.

The Archive Collection includes:

Issue 85: Making An Impact
Curiosity is the fuel for innovation and creativity is the ignition for invention. This issue is a celebration of ideas. Features include: the fifth edition of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai, Thames and Hudson’s Civilization, Olafur Eliasson, Laura Zalenga, Alessio Albi, and Alexis Christodoulou.

Issue 84: Global Initiatives
Sustainability is the key concept of our time. Global Initiatives looks at new ways of living across a range of disciplines, documenting the human story. Features include: new releases from Prestel and Laurence King, North Korean architecture Oliver Wainwright and Juno Calypso.

Issue 83: A New Way of Seeing
Surveying the intersection between the created and the real, A New Way of Seeing explores the major shift in civilisation that has been driven by technology. Features include: Alex Prager, Caroline Mizrahi, Elena Mora, and the V&A’s The Future Starts Here.