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Archive Collection

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The Aesthetica Archive Collection:

Start your collection of Aesthetica with a selection of our most recent issues. Discover the latest developments in architecture, fashion and design, and engage with new photographic talent. Each issue features practitioners pushing the boundaries of visual arts whilst covering global exhibitions and releases.

Issue 91: Standing Together
This issue tackles subjects such as race and power through the Shirin Neshat exhibition at The Broad in Los Angeles. In a time where national identity is being used as a tool to galvanise the right, and increased racism has been occurring, it’s never been more relevant for this retrospective.

Issue 90: Living for Today
There has never been a time in human history where things have been so interconnected. The climate crisis is connected to the economy, which is in turn connected to trade and tariffs, and so on. We are living in an age of alternative facts and misinformation. We are more divided than ever before.

Issue 89: The Power of Reinvention
We take a look at change, longevity, sustainability and impact. This year’s Rencontres d’Arles celebrates its 50th anniversary. Given the ubiquity of photography today – due to accessible platforms and changes in communication from written to visual – it’s remarkable that in 1969 this festival was launched.