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Future Now 2020 (Digital Download)

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The Aesthetica Art Prize invites you to discover new ideas. The works inside this collection survey themes such as race and identity, technology, Dataism, surveillance culture, geopolitics and the climate crisis. We are living in uncertain times. There is so much happening on both personal and universal levels; we must take a moment to pause and try to make sense of all of this information.

There has never been a time in human history when things have been so interconnected. The climate emergency is connected to the economy, which is in turn connected to trade and tariffs. We are now living in an age of alternative facts, media dissemination, fake news and misinformation. We are more divided than ever before. Ultimately, innovation is what keeps us moving forward.

Art starts conversations. It should make you stop and think. It should invite you to explore new possibilities. It is a way to change the world. The Aesthetica Art Prize artists help us to make sense of the current state of play. We want you to engage with these works and question what is happening around you. It is no longer about accepting the status quo but a call to action – to redefine the norm.