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Aesthetica Magazine Issue 119

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June / July 2024

Into Focus

Ideas and inspiration are the lifeblood of creativity. Our experiences and capacity for imagination create an interplay between external events and internal reflection, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. It is often a fleeting moment or an unexpected conversation that allows us to embrace the unfamiliar and leave feeling renewed. The dynamic process of ideation is essential not only for artistic and intellectual pursuits but also for innovation, pushing us to expand the limits of human understanding.

Do Ho Suh is one of the world’s most ambitious artists. He uses experimental techniques and translucent fabrics to ask questions about home and identity. Your personal version of home is a central part of who you are, which is influenced by your day-to-day life and deep memories. Then we speak with Mackenzie Calle, an American photographer whose works are cropping up in group shows and awards worldwide. The Gay Space Agency looks at homophobia and discrimination at NASA. It’s a series that discusses the challenges astronauts face because of problematic attitudes towards their sexuality. Next, we speak with Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński who is one of the artists featured in Take a Breath, a major new exhibition that tracks the impact of air pollution, from industrialisation to modern-day wars, and how it effects our surroundings, health and the way we live. The show considers the historical, social, political and personal acts of breathing; why we breathe, where we breathe and what we breathe. Finally, we speak with Chloé Milos Azzopardi who is exhibiting at Copenhagen Photo Festival. Azzopardi presents a series of speculative futures in which we might co-exist with the environment in a more interconnected manner.

In photography we celebrate the bold and the subtle through six practitioners: Joanna Vestey, Neal Grundy, Patricia Pettitt, Sebastiaan Knot and Senay Berhe. Our cover photographer, Jonas Hafner, invites us to slow down. Finally, the Last Words go to Yelena Yemchuk, part of Saatchi Gallery's new show.